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£ 0 to £ 1,500,000

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Unwin Estates


Unwin Estate Agents – opened its first Estate Agents in North Cyprus in 1999. Since we first opened our doors we have prided ourselves on creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for our clients, so you can feel fully confident that you have made the right decision and really enjoy the experience of buying Property in North Cyprus. As Northern Cyprus enjoys its’ new found wealth, the government have been careful to guide the Northern Cyprus property market in the right direction. They do not want to curtail the growth but there has to be forward thinking and planning to ensure the property investment business in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is sustained for the long term. With this in mind there are restrictions on the volume and density of Northern Cyprus property development in rural and agricultural areas of the island, but there are also defined regions that have been set aside for just development of new investment in North Cyprus Properties.

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